IsatPhone 2

The Handset

The IsatPhone 2

The Headlines:

  • The essential services: Satellite telephony. Voicemail, text and email messaging, GPS location data
  • The longest battery life: Up to 8 hours talk time and up to 160 hours standby time.
  • The most robust handset: Operates at -20C to +55C; dust, splash and shock resistant (IP65); humidity tolerance from 0- 95 percent
  • The only global handheld satellite phone to support Bluetooth: Place the handset on its side, with full manoeuvrability of the antenna, for easy hands free use
  • Easy to use: Intuitive GSM – style interface; high visability colour screen; larger keypad for easy dialling with gloves on
  • Reliable network connection: Operates over global geostationary satellites that will be operational into the 2020s; significantly less possibility of call dropping
  • The Ultimate value: Highly competitive handset, accessories and airtime pricing.

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Our Rating : 5 Star Rating

Our Rating : 5 Star Rating

ISatPhone 2 Rental Package

Your ISatPhone 2 package includes just about everything a satellite phone user needs:

  • Car / truck charger
  • 240 Volt Wall Charger
  • Quick-Start User Guide 
  • All enclosed in a Waterproof/Shockproof Pelican 1150 case

 Accessories available (Contact Customer services for availability & Charges)

  • Spare Battery
  • Adapters and accessories for all international destinations (upon request)
  • Usb data cable
  • Hands Free Ear piece

ISatPhone 2 Daily Rental Charges

Duration Price
0 - 14 days $18.00 (inc GST) per day
15 - 28 days $15.00 (inc GST) per day
29 +days $13.00 (inc GST) per day
3 months

$8.00 (inc GST) per day

Making voice call to landline and mobile phones
No Flag Fall
$1.50 per 30 seconds : (billed at the end of the month)
For frequent users choose a BUNDLE and SAVE $$
50 Minutes $127.00 Save up to 15%
100 Minutes $234.00 Save up to 22%
200 Minutes $384.00 Save up to 36%

To see the full range of purchasing options for the ISatPhone 2 satellite phone please visit our dedicated sales site at or call 1300 197 600 to talk to one of our sales experts.

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